O Corte do Zumbi

julho 26, 2012

Bob Dylan

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I’m looking for a place that will
“collect, clip, bath,” and return my dog…

“KN1-7727, cigarettes and tobacco”.

“Animals and birds bought
or sold on commission”.

I want a dog that’s gonna collect
and clean my bath, return my cigarette…

and give tobacco to my animals
and then give my birds a commission.

I’m looking for somebody to sell my dog…

collect my clip, buy my animal,
and straighten out my bird.

I’m looking for a place to bathe my bird…

buy my dog, collect my clip…

sell me cigarettes and commission my bath.

I’m looking for a place
that’s going to collect my commission…

sell my dog, burn my bird,
and sell me to the cigarette.

Going to bird my buy, collect my will,
and bathe my commission.

I’m looking for a place
that’s going to animal my soul…

knit my return, bathe my foot,
and collect my dog.

Commission me to sell my animals,
to the bird to clip and buy my bath…

and return me back to the cigarettes.


I´m glad you go away

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